Eugene V Debs & Bernie Sanders
Eugene V. Debs and Senator Bernie Sanders

Primo Maggio 2017 — From Debs to Sanders: Fighting for Change

Friday, April 28

7:00 pm From Debs to Sanders: Fighting for Change

Lt. Governor David Zuckerman & Sen. Bernie Sanders
Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman & Sen. Bernie Sanders

In the tradition of pioneering presidential candidate Eugene V. Debs, Vermont’s own presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders will give a public address at the Socialist Labor Party Hall National Historic Landmark to celebrate Primo Maggio (May Day) the international labor day. Bernie will be introduced by Lieutenant Governor David Zuckerman.

Bernie Sanders speaking at the Grand Reopening of the Old Labor Hall
Then Congressman Bernie Sanders as a guest speaker at the Grand Reopening of the Socialist Labor Party Hall  on 9/2/2000

Coincidentally, this year our May Day commemoration falls on Workers’ Memorial Day, a particularly appropriate observance for the Socialist Labor Hall because the founders were mainly granite workers and their families. The young men never lived to grow old, dying of silicosis in what should have been their prime, leaving their wives bereft and their children fatherless.

Admission is free, but because of fire code restrictions, occupancy is limited and numbered tickets are required. 

We will be resending email tickets to recipients who have not yet opened their tickets and to those who have received duplicate numbers instead of two different numbers (apologies for the SNAFU). Please add to your email contact list so that the tickets don’t get sent to your junk mail.

There have been so many delivery failures of the email tickets that, if you are the named person who the ordered tickets and you arrive well before 6:45 pm (doors open at 6:15 pm), we will search for your ticket number(s) in our database and let you in (along with one other person if you ordered 2 tickets). Sorry about the glitches. This is the first time our all volunteer organizaton has to issue tickets to control fire code occupancy. To paraphrase our new president, “Who knew ticketing was so complicated”.

 If you have received a ticket, but are unable to attend, please give it to someone else.

Doors will open at 6:15 pm. At that time, numbered ticket holders will be checked in. At 6:45 pm, the slots of any numbered ticket holders who have not  checked in will be released to standbys—first to those with numbered standby tickets—up to the occupancy limits.

Online reservations are now closed. If you are willing to wait in hopes of getting in, we will be letting the ticketed standbys in at 6:45 pm. Followed by unticketed standbys if slots still remain unclaimed.


Of historical interest is the audio documentary prepared for Folkways Records by Bernard Sanders in 1979 (accomanied by a slide show). The liner notes are available in PDF format.