Bread and Puppet Rhino

Bread and Puppet Returns; Kids Can Come, Too

Saturday, May 23 at 6:00 pm

Bread and Puppet returns to the Old Labor Hall—this time with a production that is suitable for both children and adults.  Bread and Puppet Theater is one of the oldest, nonprofit, self-supporting theatrical companies in the country. It is presenting one of its touring performances suitable for the whole family:

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The production features historic monuments, traditional broom dances to sweep away monumental debris, an anti-extinction angel, a 100 watt light bulb, a rampaging rhino and a ship of fools, all tied into one show for the purpose of urging the not-yet-upriser masses into existence.

Based in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, Bread & Puppet is now in its 52nd year of touring and performing around the world. Using a wide variety of puppetry and mask techniques, the theater troupe attempts to address the social, political, and environmental urgencies that affect all of our lives. Peter Schumann and The Bread and Puppet Theater have received the Obie Award, the Erasmus Award from Amsterdam, The Vermont Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts, and the President’s Award of the Puppeteers of America.

Director Peter Schumann’s famous sourdough rye and aioli  and Chet’s famous soup will be served before the show, and Bread & Puppet Cheap Art will be available for your perusal.

Tickets available at the door: adults $8, children 6-12 years old $5, under 6 years old free. (Cash, check, or credit card accepted.)

For more information email or call (802) 479–5600 or (802) 331-0013.

To learn more about Bread and Puppet, watch this 50th anniversary interview with founder and director Peter Schumann on Democracy Now!: