Hand waving Basic Bye Bye

Bread and Puppet Theater’s Basic Bye-Bye Show

Sunday, March 18  

Performance at 5:00 pm followed by Bread and Puppet’s famous free sourdough rye bread with aioli and the Old Labor Hall’s delicious soup.

Bread & Puppet Theater returns to The Old Labor Hall with a  brand new play, The Basic Bye-bye Show, a manifesto on transformation, inspired by Albrecht Dürer’s apocalyptic woodcuts, birch branches lost during an ice storm, and the daily news.

The Bread and Puppet Practitioners-of-the-Pursuit-of-What String Band will welcome the public.

Another scene from Basic Bye ByeIn The Basic Bye-bye Show a series of quiet object fantasies unfolds in black, white, and grey inside a small fabric stage printed with elementary words — “Resist,” “Bread,” “Yes,” “Sky,” “Riot,” “Byebye.”  Outside, an orchestra of nonsense instruments arises, spins, and recedes. A birch forest grows. Sculpted clouds produce hands, chairs, and rain. The storm passes. The episodes that make up The Basic Byebye Show develop in abstract counterpoint to periodic handkerchief-assisted “basic byebyes” to various brutal unnecessities of our current politics.

B&P director, Peter Schumann, says of the show: “The Basic Bye-bye Show is based on the fact that our culture is saying its basic bye-bye to Mother Earth by continuing the devastating effects of the global economy on our planet – which is why our show proclaims the Possibilitarian’s basic bye-bye to capitalism in order to welcome the 1000 alternatives to this rotten system.”

Admission: sliding scale $10-$25; no one turned away for lack of funds. Tickets available at the door.

Bread and Puppet’s “Cheap Art”—books, posters, postcards, pamphlets and banners from the Bread and Puppet Press—will be available for sale.

Image of Basic Bye Bye poster
Spread the word. Click on the image to download a copy of the flyer in PDF.

For more information email info@oldlaborhall.org or call (802) 479–5600 or text (802) 331-0013

The proceeds of this event will benefit the Old Labor Hall and the Bread and Puppet Theater.