Helen & Jules Rabin and their bread

Learned Bakers — Jules & Helen Rabin at the Bakery

Sunday, August 11, 2019 1:00 to 4:00 pm  Reserve a place NOW!
Rise Up Bakery, 48 Granite St, Barre, VT    

Legendary bakers, Jules and Helen Rabin will be treating friends of the Bakery to the story of their nearly 50 year love affair with wood-fired bread baking.

Helen & Jules working in their bakeryJules will recount the strange history of how a trip to France led an anthropologist to a career as a baker and how four simple ingredients and a homemade oven turned them into Upland Bakers, the storied bakery of central Vermont with a cult following for their breads.

Helen will demonstrate her techniques for bread making right before your eyes and bake them in the Bakery’s wood fired oven. 

Smell the hot loaves right after Helen takes them out of the oven and then dig in for the taste that inspired this sign at a store selling their bread:

To prevent RIOTS and acts of TERRORISM, we ask you to please limit your purchase of Upland French Bread to no more than three loaves

Because of the small size of the historic Bakery building, seating is limited and reservations are required. Admission is by donation for the benefit of the Bakery (suggested donation of $15-$20, low income or student $10). Reserve a place NOW!

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