Victor Jara mural in Santiago, Chile - Wikimedia
Victor Jara mural in Santiago, Chile - Wikimedia

“The Resurrection of Victor Jara” – An Evening of Film and Music

Friday, March 22 at 7:00 pm  Buy Ticket NOW

The Old Labor Hall is hosting a gala evening celebrating the life and music of Chilean musician and political activist Victor Jara.

  • Film The Resurrection of Victor Jara
  • Q&A with writer and producer, John Summa
  • Music by Los Pimientos

Victor Jara

Victor Jara
Victor Jara

Victor Jara was at the forefront of a roots music revival during the tumultuous 1960s in Chile and across Latin America. A theater director, musician, activist and teacher, Victor transformed folk music into a revolutionary social movement known as “New Song” (Nueva Cancion).  Jara joined folk-based music with socially-committed lyrics to help inspire movements for social change in Latin America, Portugal, and Spain during the 1970s and 1980s.

At age 42, following the 1973 coup against Chile’s socialist president Salvador Allende, Jara was arrested, tortured and assassinated by usurping president Augusto Pinochet’s military. His body, shot 44 times, was dumped in the street. (It was not until 2018 that some of those involved in his torture and murder were finally convicted in Chile, although one of them has yet to be extradited from Florida.) 

The Film

Left to right: John Summa, Arlo Guthrie, John Travers

The Resurrection of Victor Jara was written and directed by former UVM economics professor, John Summa, who will lead a discussion after the film. The film features Jara’s wife, Joan, along with musicians including Bono, Pete Seeger, Holly Near, Judy Collins, and Arlo Guthrie

Comparing Jara to Seeger and Woody Guthrie, Summa says, “Victor transcends politics. You don’t have to like the politics associated with Victor to love him.”

The film was named Best Latin Documentary at the 2016 Sunscreen Film Festival. It also received the Vermont International Film Foundation’s 2015 Ben & Jerry’s Award.

The Music

This is your chance to hear the music that keeps Jara’s legacy alive along with other Nuevo Cancionero music espoused by Jara.

The live music will be performed live by the Vermont-New York group Los Pimientos.


Admission is $15 and $12 for seniors, students, and union members. Tickets are available online or at the door. Buy Ticket NOW

“As long as his courage can inspire us to greater courage Victor Jara will never die.”
— Pete Seeger, 1975

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