Worst. Song. Ever trophy winners
Worst. Song. Ever trophy winners

The Worst Song Ever (aka “The Stupid Bowl”)

Worst. Song. Ever supports the Old Labor Hall

WORST. SONG. EVER. is a semiannual live music event going five years strong. It celebrates the decades & decades of bad pop music that exists out there. During that time, it has always been held at Espresso Bueno in downtown Barre. But it has finally outgrown that location. Espresso Bueno and WSE are now partnering with the Barre Historical Society to use the Old Labor Hall for this popular community event.

The founders of the Hall, young people who seriously liked a good time would have enjoyed it and the Hall will receive half the proceeds of the public voting so “vote early and vote often”.

The event itself is FREE, but if you don’t bring your money, you will miss half the fun, and the Hall won’t benefit, so bring your $1s, $5s, $10s, and maybe even a $20 to vote with!

The first event in the series will be part of the Barre Heritage Festival on Saturday, 7:00-9:00 pm under a tent in front of Espresso Bueno, 248 N. Main St, Barre. 

This time the event will not be open to new contestants, but will feature past trophy winners. Performances begin at 7:00 pm; voting starts at 8:30 pm.

What is WSE? How does it work?

The show itself is a lighthearted competition that’s open to any level of ‘talent’…from musician, to hobbyist, to hack. Performers who have signed up in advance take the stage and cover their least favorite pop songs, from any era, in any way that they like. Contestants can perform solo or with others/in a band, and they can sing a cappella or accompanied. But there’s no karaoke, song parodies, or original music allowed.

There’s audience voting, and the WORST. TROPHIES. EVER. are awarded at the end. It is very much off-the-wall fun and a has something of a zany reputation & dedicated following. (All the details with instructions on how to sign up for future events are available as a PDF.)

Looking for some really bad material? Just do an online search for “worst song ever”. Exercise your “personal taste” and then see if the public will put its money where your mouth is.