Worst. Song. Ever. Contest is Baaaaaack!

Saturday, November 23 at 8:00 pm (doors open at 7:00 pm)

WORST. SONG. EVER. returns to the Old Labor Hall. This annual live music event celebrates decades & decades of really bad pop music for the benefit of the Old Labor Hall.

The winners (the worst) are based solely on audience voting, the victor is the act that gets the most $$$$. The WORST. TROPHIES. EVER. are awarded to the winners as decided by YOU. It is very much off-the-wall fun and a has something of a zany reputation and a dedicated following.

The event itself is FREE, but if you don’t bring your money, you will miss half the fun, and the Hall won’t benefit, so bring your $1s, $5s, $10s, and maybe even a $20 to vote with!

The founders of the Hall, young people who seriously liked a good time would have enjoyed it and the Hall will receive half the proceeds of the public voting so “vote early and vote often”.

There will be the WORST TROPHIES EVER for first, second and third most awful songs as chosen by the audience.

Food and beverages will be available for purchase.

Calling all “musicians”! The fun can’t happen without you.

The competition is open to performers of all styles, levels, and abilities: from musicians, to hobbyists, to hacks! If you can carry a tune, strum a few chords, or better, (or worse)…then this event’s for you.

Advanced sign up is required if you want to perform.

To sign up: email info@wooo.tv, as soon as yesterday with your name, where you’re from, and the song you will cover.

Duck and Cover!

Choose a popular song that in your own subjective opinion,* you personally believe to be one of the worst songs ever written. Practice it in your own style. The idea is not to play a song badly, but to play a bad song well. Or weirdly. Whatever.

Perform solo or with others (e.g., in a band). BYO instrument(s) or sing a cappella.

There’s been some really bad pop music over the decades… Who can forget I Am, I Said; Muskrat Love; I’ve Never Been to Me; or Sunglasses at Night?

You might score with the audience if you make an attempt to look and sound like the original artist, or (conversely) if you transform bad source material through your own unique musicianship into something kind of good, or even if you just play it like you hate it. How you interpret the material is up to you.

Be sure to PRACTICE, REHEARSE, and be prepared to PANDER, because the audience gets to vote.

Looking for some really bad material? Just do an online search for “worst song ever“. Exercise your “personal taste” and then see if the public will put its money where your mouth is.

*Although WORST. SONG. EVER. is subjective, be aware: Performers do best when they cover a well known song.

The Really Fine Print

  • Sign up in advance—no open mic
  • No original songs.
  • No novelty songs or comedy songs! (SO not the point.)
  • No song parodies. Don’t rewrite the already bad lyrics.
  • No karaoke