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Union Cooperative Store

The year after the Old Labor Hall opened, a store was set up in the basement called “La Cooperativa Italiana” or “The Union Cooperative Store”, after which we have named our online store. All the profits from the store go to support the Old Labor Hall.


  • Ticket – Primo Maggio 2017 Dinner

    Primo Maggio 2017 events pictures - Trans-Atlantic Band, Eugene V Debs, Bernie Sanders

    Celebrate Primo Maggio 2017 at the Old Labor Hall

    Sunday, April 30

    5:00 pm Social Hour (cash bar)

    6:00 pm Traditional Italian Dinner

    7:00 pm Illustrated talk by John Carafoli, author of Great Italian American Food in New England and music with baritone John Murelle with The John Salerno Trio (keyboard John Salerno, Dennis Nobrega on reeds and Al Orlando on guitar and mandolin) in That’s Amore a concert of popular songs from and about Italy.

    Tickets $25 (reservations recommended) For more information or if you don’t care to buy tickets online, you can make reservations by:  email info@oldlaborhall.org, phone 802-479-5600, or text 802-331-0013.

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Poster celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Union Cooperative Store
The poster designed by famous Barre artist Carlo Abate (1859-1941) to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Union Cooperative Store which was located in the basement of the Socialist Labor Party Hall.

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