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Union Cooperative Store

The year after the Old Labor Hall opened, a store was set up in the basement called “La Cooperativa Italiana” or “The Union Cooperative Store”, after which we have named our online store. All the profits from the store go to support the Old Labor Hall.


  • Book – Barre Granite Heritage (with Guide to the Cemeteries)

    Barre Granite Heritage cover

    Barre Granite Heritage with Guide to the Cemeteries by Donald G. Allen. Unlike some stone, Barre gray granite does not deteriorate significantly over time so that, although this book is nearly 20 years old the monuments and most of the buildings, it discusses are still there and the subject of great interest, especially to visitors to Barre. There are very few places whose cemeteries are major tourist attractions, but Barre is one of them.

    This guide provides excellent self-guided tours to Barre’s famous Hope and Elmwood cemeteries. It provides plans of the cemeteries with keys to the location of the monuments it describes, with explanation of some of the symbolism used in the sculptures.

    Also included, is a walking tour of the City of Barre and a driving tour of Barre Town.

    Published by the Friends of the Aldrich Public Library in 1997, 52 pages, soft cover

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Poster celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Union Cooperative Store
The poster designed by famous Barre artist Carlo Abate (1859-1941) to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Union Cooperative Store which was located in the basement of the Socialist Labor Party Hall.

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