This is the website of the Barre Historical Society, owner of the Socialist Labor Party Hall National Historic Landmark, known as the “The Old Labor Hall”. Here you can find information about the history of the the Hall, about renting the Hall for your event, and about how you can help the Barre Historical Society preserve the Hall and the Union Cooperative Store bakery building.

Happenings at the Hall:

  • Hall Closing Temporarily because of Coronavirus

    electron micoscope image of coronavirusThe Board of the Barre Historical Society has determined that we are closing the Hall for our own events and for rentals until the end of the first week in May because of the risks posed by the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus. We will review the situation at that time. (You can stay updated by liking our page on Facebook or following us on Twitter.) This closure will mean the loss of significant income for the Hall and we will be postponing new projects for which we do not already have commitments until we see how long this situation lasts. Please consider donating or increasing your usual donation.   

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