This is the website of the Barre Historical Society, owner of the Socialist Labor Party Hall National Historic Landmark, known as the “The Old Labor Hall”. Here you can find information about the history of the Hall, about renting the Hall for your event, and about how you can help the Barre Historical Society preserve the Hall and the Union Cooperative Store bakery building.

The Old Labor Hall is proud to be participating in the Canadian Labour International Film Festival (CLiFF) with the free, on-line presentation of 5 films, Sunday, November 27 at 7:38 PM. CLiFF films provide a voice for those who seek justice on the job and dignity in their workplaces. * A World Free of Crisis – in which work is not the focus or measure of one’s life. * No Ulew (My Homeland) – the life of a migrant worker in Guatemala. * If There Is No Struggle – a young woman discovers her neighborhood’s working class history. * Opera Transformed – the dilemma faced by gender non-binary and trans opera singers. * Spain Against the Atom – the local fight against Spanish indifference to a 1970 radioactive leak To pre-order and view: https://watch.eventive.org/cliff2022/play/6365156c25193300f0a1de15/6345e8dc3d2c02003ea30571

Happenings at the Hall:

  • Thomas C. Davis: A Life in Vermont

    Oral history recollections by a 17th generation Vermonter, the son of a former governor, and himself a life-long public servant.

    Tom Davis was a political activist, public speaker, storyteller, author, and statesman. Also known as “Tom Terrific,” he was widely admired for his quick wit, humor, humility, kindness, wisdom, and generosity. Read more 

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  • The Bakery from the Beginning to 2004

    Union Cooperative Bakery BuildingHistory of the Union Cooperative Bakery building, constructed in 1913 as an extension to the cooperative store located in the basement of the Socialist Labor Party Hall. It provided Italian and French baked goods to the community of italian granite workers in the area in the first decades of the twentieth century. Read more 

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