The Bakery Restoration Project

The Barre Historical Society is reviving the historic Union Cooperative Store bakery building to establish an educational bakery to be called the Rise Up Bakery.

History of the Union Cooperative Store Bakery Building

  • The Bakery from the Beginning to 2004

    Union Cooperative Bakery BuildingHistory of the Union Cooperative Bakery building, constructed in 1913 as an extension to the cooperative store located in the basement of the Socialist Labor Party Hall. It provided Italian and French baked goods to the community of italian granite workers in the area in the first decades of the twentieth century.

Restoration Project News

  • The Bakery rises up!

    Bakery building before and after restoration 2017The first phase of the restoration of the Union Cooperative Store bakery building is nearing completion. If all goes well,…

  • Here’s to the Bakery! Fundraiser by the Three Penny Taproom

    Poster picture showing 2 beer mugsWhat do great beer, fine food, and the Barre Historical Society have in common?  All three are helping restore the Union Cooperative Store bakery building, built by union labor in 1913, and now part of the Socialist Labor Party Hall National Historic Landmark.

    Eat and/or drink at Three Penny Taproom in downtown Montpelier (108 Main St). Five percent of all day's sales will be donated to restore the Barre Historical Society’s Rise Up Bakery.

  • Wood-fired oven is coming to the Bakery!

    Perspective drawing of ovenCan you smell the bread baking? Not quite yet, but we are getting closer. In the first two weeks of…

  • Bakery restoration update 2017: the future looks bright

    Updated BakeryThe restoration of the historic Union Cooperative Store bakery building is moving ahead at warp speed. Here is an update on the most recent grants and news about future plans, community support offers, and still unmet needs.

  • Bricks & Mortar—a historic headache

    Carpenters looking a cracks in brickwork in the interior of the bakeryMaintenance of historic structures is a good thing, but sometimes good intentions work against preservation.

    Both the Old Labor Hall and the Union Cooperative Store bakery building have brick exteriors. In the case of the Hall, the brick on the outside of the building is just a cladding on a wood frame structure. The Bakery brick walls are actually structural, supporting the roof. Despite their different uses, the brick exteriors present similar challenges.

  • They forgot the ice cream! Ben and Jerry’s Community Action Team Helps Out

    Ben and Jerry's Community Action Team behind the BakeryBen and Jerry's Foundation Community Action Team make a grant to the Rise Up Bakery and send volunteers to help with the work.

  • Bakery Kickstarter Success!

    Carolyn Shapiro celebratingThe Union Cooperative Store bakery building Rise Up Bakery Kickstarter campaign successfully met its goal. What's next?

  • Union Cooperative Store Uses a Kickstarter Campaign to “Rise Up”

    Bakery building with bannerThe Union Cooperative Store Bakery building is about to be restored as an educational bakery, starting with a Kickstarter campaign to raise $25,000 by May 17, 2015.