Carolyn Shapiro stoking the wood-fired oven in the Bakery

Union Cooperative Store Bakery Building Reopening as “Rise Up Bakery”

Saturday, December 15, 2018 from 4:00 to 9:00 pm

The Barre Historical Society announces the grand reopening of the Bakery building, exactly 105 years to the day from its first opening.

Barre Daily Times, Monday, December 15, 1913:



Co-operative Store on Granite Street Has a Good Plant.

     Light and air are the conspicuous features of the new Co-operative bakery, which opened in the rear of the Co-operative store on Granite street to-day.  To-night the association bakers will mix their first batch of bread, and 1,200 loaves, the first output of one of the most sanitary bakeries in Vermont, will be ready for the trade to-morrow.  Although it is to be operated by the directors of the Co-operative store, the bakery is in a building by itself, a building with solid brick walls measuring 48 x 24 feet, that has been in course of construction since early fall.

The superstructure is built on a cement foundation six feet high and is located well back from the street.  Excellent water and sewer connections have been made and the construction and equipment of the building has been carried out with a view to obtaining the maximum of sanitary conditions.  The interior is exceptionally well lighted.  By day, whitewashed walls add greatly to the lighting facilities and adequate artificial light is furnished by numerous electrical fixtures.  No better ventilation system could be secured.  The walls are broken in several places by ample shutter holes that may be opened or closed to regulate the temperature.  The oven, a model of its kind, is built on a foundation of solid cement.  Baking appliances of the most modern kind have been installed and everything will be in readiness for the first mixing to-night.  In line with the directors’ policy of insuring cleanliness, each employee of the bakery from the head baker down to the less skilled helper is required to discard his street clothes and don a regulation garb as soon as he begins work.  Many took occasion to-day to inspect the quarters of the association.  Among these were Building Inspector Rand, who said that the directors had complied with every city ordinance in erecting the bakery.


The restored Bakery building is now ready to bake. The sewer has been connected and the heating and electricity, and all the other amenities have now been installed to complement the wood-fired oven. The Bakery is already to make the baked goods from start to finish—all right on the premises. Let the festivities begin!

The celebrations will begin at the Old Labor Hall, where the Barre Historical Society will honor all the people who have helped make the renovation of the bakery possible. Here is the schedule:

4:00 pm – Ribbon Cutting, Slide Show, Special Recognitions, Tours of the Bakery

♦ 5:30 pm – Bread straight from the wood fired oven, Finger Food  (delicious wood-fired bread served accompanied  by various dips and toppings)

6:30 pm  – Live Music and Dancing with Colin McCaffreyDoug Reid and Don Schabnerthree of Vermont’s favorite sidemen who will join forces to play swing, blues, country and western music on guitars and fiddles

This event is free. Come, share your ideas about the Bakery, and help us celebrate.

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