The Granite City Journal

The Granite City Journal was originally broadcast on WNCS-FM in Montpelier, VT in July 1981 as an introduction to the 4th Barre Ethnic Heritage Festival. Mark Greenberg produced the series and recorded some of the interviews, while others were recorded by members of the Barre Ethnic Studies project. As a result, the audio quality of the interviews varies.

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A Brief History of Barre – naming the city; early activity; granite–a blessing and a curse; with Barre mailman/historian Morris Maxfield
An Interview with Sophia Bielli – granite dust; wonderful people & small stores; 5 cent movies & the Opera House; little money & lots of love
Barre’s Ethnic Groups –an overview of foreign immigration to Barre; with librarian & Barre Historical Society board member Karen Lane
Dr. Jarvis – Barre author of Folk Medicine; with Sylvia Jarvis Smith
Franco-Canadians in Barre– Early days; fiddler Joe Gagne
The Barre Opera House – from 1885; operas, Eugene Debs, Tom Mix, and more; with Barre mailman/historian Morris Maxfield
The 1927 Flood in Barre – water, tragedy, & survival; with Pat Belding
Barre’s Scottish Population – first arrivals; granite dust; Clan Gordon #12; Caledonia Park; Robert Burns; with Marjorie Riddel Watt
The Socialist Labor Party Hall – origins; receiving children of the Bread & Roses strike; Elia Corti shooting; with Ben Collins
An Interview with Pace Nicollino – anarchism in Barre; her “radical” father; hearing Eugene Debs in Barre; writing & a poem