Jim Haas, resident baker in the restored Bakery
Jim Haas, resident baker in the restored Bakery

Bakery Open—Fresh Bread for You at Last!

How can bread be both fresh and historic? If you buy it directly from the “Rise Up Bakery” window at the historic Union Cooperative Store bakery building—now restored as a modern wood fired bakery.

Since 2004, when the Barre Historical Society acquired the Union Cooperative Store bakery building, they have been dreaming of the day that the smell of fresh bread that would some day come from this historic building. That day has NOW arrived.

Beginning on October 16, 2019, you can purchase bread right from the wood fired oven. Just come to the Bakery Window, with cash or check, for fresh baked bread made right on the premises by experienced wood fired bread baker Jim Haas. The Bakery will feature organic whole grain wheat and rye breads, leavened with wheat or rye sour dough starters. (The 100% rye is only available on Wednesdays.)

Open on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 12:30 to 6:00 pm . The bakery is located at 48 Granite Street, Barre (behind the Old Labor Hall). The Bakery Window is at the top of the wheelchair pavement. To find out which days your favorite breads are available at the Bakery Window, just go to the Rise Up Bakery website.

For more information straight from the baker, call 401-396-6694 or e-mail haaslarissavt@gmail.com