More Granite City Tales by Paul Heller


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More Granite City Tales is the sequel to the very popular Granite City Tales. 


At long last author Paul Heller, former Barre Historical Society Board member and friend of the Old Labor Hall, has brought out the sequel to his very popular Granite City Tales, entitled appropriately More Granite City Tales. This anthology includes articles published in the Times-Argus since 2012 as well as an essay on Carlo Abate which has never before been in print.

The Barre Historical Society is delighted to make the book available for purchase. Here is a glimpse inside:

1 Carlo Abate
2 Wendell Phillips Stafford
3 A Barre Man on the Titanic
4 The Hanging of Asa Magoon
5 Mari Tomasi: Vermont ’s Italian Story
6 Joshua Twing’s Gristmill
7 The CCC and the East Barre Dam
8 Frank Walker and the Blanchard Block
9 Barre and the Spanish-American War
10 The Enright Murder of 1893
11 The Spanish Flu in 1918
12 UFOs Over Graniteville
13 Barre’s Forgotten Monument
14 A Monument to Ethan Allen
15 The Monument for John Belushi
16 The Ludlow, Colorado Memorial

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