This is the website of the Barre Historical Society, owner of the Socialist Labor Party Hall National Historic Landmark, known as the “The Old Labor Hall”. Here you can find information about the history of the the Hall, about renting the Hall for your event, and about how you can help the Barre Historical Society preserve the Hall and the Union Cooperative Store bakery building.

Happenings at the Hall:

  • La Soirée Sucrée 2016 — Celebrating Barre’s Quebecois Heritage

    Chef Tim describes the pastires to patrons at Soirée SucréeThursday, July 28, 5:30 - 8:30 pm 

    This year again, as part of the Barre Heritage Festival, the Old Labor Hall is celebrating Barre's French Canadian heritage with Soirée Sucrée 2016 in honor of the Barre Historical Society's late president Chet Briggs.
    The evening is divided into three exciting components—all for one low price.
    ►French Dessert Competition
    ►French Dessert Tasting
    ►French-Canadian music by the Beaudoin Family 

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  • The Bakery from the Beginning to 2004

    Union Cooperative Bakery BuildingHistory of the Union Cooperative Bakery building, constructed in 1913 as an extension to the cooperative store located in the basement of the Socialist Labor Party Hall. It provided Italian and French baked goods to the community of italian granite workers in the area in the first decades of the twentieth century. Read more 

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